Quick Answer: What If A Girl Says Aww?

Is it bad if a girl says Aww thank you?

In general, in nine out of ten cases, this could mean that she is just being polite, nothing more, nothing less.

What makes this a ticket to the friend zone is that her manners are ending the topic.

“Aww thanks” means she appreciates your flattery, but it will go no farther in the relationship.

It is a dismissal..

What does 🥺 ❤ mean from a girl?

I am a girl the 🥺 face is like…. A cute but pleased face if that makes sense. If you say ‘You’re beautiful’ and she replies with ‘🥺’ it really means ‘thank you so much youre so sweet and i love when you compliment me’

What does it mean when a girl says Aww that’s cute?

She probably considers you immature or innocent. Cute being used in the instance of a mature topic like attraction to the opposite sex has the element of declaring the wisdom or knowledge of the one returning the compliment. She is taking the compliment for what she considers it is.

How a girl responds to a compliment?

Thanks for the Compliment Reply “Thanks so much – I really appreciate you saying that.” “Thank you – that was really sweet to say.” “Wow, thanks so much.” “Thanks – that means a lot.”

How do I get out of the friend zone?

Using those principles, we can devise a few steps to get you out of the friend zone:1) Be Less Interested – The relationship is already imbalanced because you value it more than the other person. … 2) Make Yourself Scarce – Spend some time away from your “friend” and do less for them.More items…•